24 March 2013

Put it to The Test

I gave my brother's kids the They Might Be Giants album 'Here Comes Science' for Christmas. He told me today that the kids love it, and he highly recommends it for folks with young children. I'm sure lots of people know the old song "Why does the sun shine?"-- but did you know that they came out a new one, "Why does the sun really shine?" First the sun was a mass of incandescent gas, and now it's a miasma of incandescent plasma... The Johns really keep up with their science.

I was listening to a few more of the songs on this album and I especially enjoyed this one: Put it to the Test. Who could argue with these lyrics?

"If there's a question bothering your brain that you think you know how to explain-- You need a test! Yea, think up a test. If somebody says they figured it out, and they're leaving any room for doubt, come up with a test! yeah! You need a test! Are you sure that thing is true? Or did someone just tell it to you? Come up with a test! Test it out!"

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