12 March 2006

what's your vote

When I first moved from kansas to california it was a big debate: Earthquakes or Tornadoes, what is worse? Of course all the wussy californians thought tornadoes are worse. But I think earthquakes. With tornadoes you get advanced warning. Contrary to popular belief, the actual tornado lasts about as long as an earthquake. And way, way fewer people around the world die in tornadoes than die in earthquakes. I mean, do I really need to make the argument after the Sumatra quake last year? Even without tsunamis, earthquakes cause mudslides and entire landmasses shifting, moving, and burying things.

Anyway this morning when I called home, there was a tornado warning and my parents were in the basement. Mom said it was super dark outside. I remember once in highschool we were eating at macaroni grill, and when we went outside it smelled like tornado. The sky was a blanket, slightly green, and the sun was setting, peeking in underneath. Very eerie, but much more beautiful than any earthquake ever was.