20 November 2014

"I need the boys to do the real work!"

Part two of Thursday morning gender issues on Laura's blog*:

Have you heard yet that in 2010 Barbie was an incompetent "computer engineer" in a kid's book by Mattel? Before you think to yourself, "Come on, any book about Barbie being a computer engineer must be good!" -- please, go look at the pictures of the book. (and actually it seems, she was a graphic designer.)

That excellent critique went viral this week, and Mattel has pulled that book from amazon.com. That's awesome.

Even more awesome is this wherein you can remake Barbie into a real computer programmer making an awesome game.

* Hopefully we can think of this as "throwback Thursday."

you are never going to have anybody bringing you anything anywhere anyplace anytime ever

At a recent workshop, one of my fellow attendees checked out my blog but was disappointed by the low number of posts about "gender issues." In order to avoid false advertising, I present you my morning laugh: I was happy to see this video and remember how Clair Huxtable was one of my first awesome role models for a strong woman (after my mother, grandmothers, and several of my fabulous elementary school teachers... lucky me).