17 January 2012

Gut feeling, the fancy name for blind luck when it turns out right

There's a fun story today about two men who kayaked around Ellesmere island in the Arctic north last summer.

The island is between Canada and Greenland. Here you can see a map of the north Arctic including Ellesmere island.

I like this quote from the story:

“We paddled out at 11 in the morning, got scared and came back,” Turk said. “We went out at 4 in the afternoon, got scared and came back. And then we went out at 9 and looked at each other. ‘O.K., we’re going for it.’ By 3 in the morning, we got clear around Cape Union.”

He added: “We each had a gut feeling that that was the right time. But is a gut feeling just a fancy name for blind luck? Or did we really know something? I don’t know. We made it.”

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