23 August 2007

"the moon" incident

I just read about this in the Wittenberg Door.

During a science lecture by Bill Nye in Waco, a woman stormed out when the Science Guy informed his audience-- after quoting from Genesis that God made two lights in the sky along with the stars-- that the moon was not in fact a light but simply a reflector.

In this response, they express their opinion that the woman left upset because the Science Guy had purposefully brought up the bible and said that it was wrong, as if to attack the bible.

Maybe it's true-- maybe if our dear Bill had not brought up Genesis, everyone in Waco would have been happy to know that the moon is a reflector. sigh.

But anyway, how else do we scientists get christians to start considering figurative interpretations of the bible? Perhaps by donating to the unicorn museum billboard to be installed near the creation museum in Kentucky. Unicorn museum motto-- "Unicorns are real. The bible says so."

Also, the Waco Tribune *did* take down the story from their website. I can't judge whether that was out of embarrassment. They have at least 30 days of history on there, but no such original story from a few days ago.

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