25 May 2007

ok go vids

I am a little old for all these new internet fads, but I just have to say that the Ok Go videos are the reason why YouTube should exist.

Junior year in college, one of my friends told me I would like Ok Go, and after that I used to listen to them. So when I saw this video on Mtv-U I was totally psyched, and of course I loved it.

a million ways to be cruel

And now that the treadmill video is out...can anyone ever beat it? Can they even make anything better themselves?? Note: as I post this right now, there have been over 17,600,000 views of this video on youtube.

here it goes again

When I saw them play at the This American Life tour a couple of months ago, one guy said it's his sister who choreographs the videos! She rocks.

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